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Hafele Wicker Basket with Handle

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Kitchen baskets are versatile and customisable storage solutions that fit into drawers, cabinets or shelves designed for modular kitchens. These help you store and organise utensils, groceries, cleaning supplies, bottles, etc. Apart from assisting in organising and optimising your space, kitchen baskets are also available in various designs, shapes and price ranges to match your budget and storage needs. In addition, they help in decluttering the kitchen space and provide easy access to cooking and cleaning necessities. Moreover, kitchen baskets can be manufactured from various materials including wire mesh, wicker, plastic, etc. 

Types of kitchen baskets

Plain containers/ plain wire baskets

These are versatile yet simple wire or mesh baskets that are designed without dividers. Additionally, they come in different shapes and sizes and are ideal for storing a variety of kitchen items.

Bottle pull-out racks

These are designed to store bottles or jars containing oil, condiments or sauces. Moreover, the retractable feature of these baskets organises the bottles and makes them easily visible and accessible. 

Cup and saucer storage baskets

As the name suggests, designed with specialised compartments for cups, saucers and coffee mugs. They help in keeping fragile dishware organised and prevent breakage. 

Cutlery holders

These are segmented baskets made for storing cutlery like spoons, forks, knives, ladles, etc. They are typically manufactured from stainless steel, plastic or wood.

Hanging kitchen baskets

These are generally made of wire, wicker or fabric. They are designed to hang from hooks or rods, to provide additional storage space outside the cabinets and drawers. 

Thali basket/ plate basket

Commonly found in Indian households, these baskets come with slots to hold thalis (large meal trays) or different types of plates. They are commonly made of stainless steel. 

Detergent rack

As the name implies, these are baskets with compartments to store and organise laundry products like cleaning soaps, detergent bottles, fabric softeners etc. Apart from keeping the products organised, these baskets also help prevent spillage of liquids or powders inside the product packaging and keep the cabinets mess-free. 

Under-sink basket

These baskets are designed to fit in cabinets under the sink. Furthermore, they maximise the storage space and are ideal for storing cleaning supplies, trash bags, brushes, scrubs, etc.

Dish draining basket

These baskets meant for drying utensils are generally placed above the sink or on the counter. They are designed with drainage holes at the bottom with or without a tray below to collect the drained water. 

Bin baskets

These are designed to hold and conceal trash or recycling bins in the kitchen. They are installed inside cabinets and aid in keeping the kitchen clean and fresh. 

Factors to consider while buying kitchen baskets

Size and dimensions

Always consider the space available in the drawer or cabinet for the baskets. This will help determine the size and dimensions of the kitchen basket that will fit correctly within the space. Notably, analyse the height, width and depth of the basket in order to ensure that it can efficiently accommodate the necessary kitchen items.

Material and durability

Kitchen baskets are available in different price ranges that are manufactured from various materials including, stainless steel, wicker, plastic, wire and wood. Always opt for a kitchen basket made of durable, sturdy material that is easy to maintain as well. For example, stainless steel kitchen baskets are sturdy and easy to clean, whereas wicker baskets might be comparatively less robust but are more eco-friendly.


Determine the purpose or the specific storage need for the kitchen basket, before purchasing one. Identify whether the basket will be utilised to store and organise utensils, condiments, groceries or cleaning products. This will help you select baskets with the right design for your storage needs. 

Aesthetics and design

Modular kitchen baskets are available in a broad assortment of designs and shapes to match your needs and preferences. Always select baskets that will complement or enhance the style and decor of the kitchen. For instance, plastic baskets can complement modern and minimal kitchens, whereas wicker kitchen baskets can add a warm and rustic touch to the space. 

weight capacity

Analyse the weight capacity of the kitchen basket before purchasing it. Additionally, ensure that the basket is strong enough to hold the desired weight without bending or breaking.


Modular kitchen baskets are available in various price ranges. Always invest in high-quality baskets that meet your needs and preferences, well within your set budget.

Benefits of using kitchen baskets in a modular kitchen

  • Kitchen baskets are modular storage solutions that offer efficient organisation. They help in categorising and organising a variety of kitchen items and cleaning supplies. In addition, they ensure that the kitchen is clutter-free. 
  • These baskets aid in maximising space optimisation by utilising the space in modular kitchens to the full extent. Furthermore, they use both vertical and horizontal space available in the drawers, cabinets or shelves efficiently.
  • They provide easy access and visibility of the utensils, cleaning supplies, spices, condiments, etc. Moreover, this helps in making the overall cooking and cleaning experience easier and more enjoyable.
  • In addition, the versatile nature of the baskets allows you to customise and adjust them to match your specific storage needs. 
  • They help in maintaining hygiene in the kitchen and keep the overall space clean and fresh. 
  • Moreover, these baskets can enhance the overall aesthetic of the kitchens. As kitchen baskets are available in various designs, they can complement different styles of kitchen. 

Top kitchen basket brands in India

  1. Hafele: Hafele, a distinguished name in home hardware solutions, contributes to your kitchen organisation with a premium range of kitchen baskets designed to elevate kitchen functionality.
  2. Ozone: A leading brand in architectural hardware solutions, brings its expertise to the realm of kitchen baskets with a versatile range catering to modern storage requirements.
  3. Godrej: They offer a comprehensive array of kitchen baskets designed to enhance the efficiency of any kitchen space. Additionally, Godrej’s product range reflects a commitment to providing practical and durable solutions.

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Kitchen Baskets – Price List

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1. Hafele Wicker Basket with Handle Rs. 7749

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Are there any installation requirements for kitchen baskets?

The installation requirements for kitchen baskets can vary based on the types and designs of the baskets. While some types of baskets can be simply slid into place or hung, other types of baskets might be required to be screwed into place. These baskets might require drilling or mounting hardware to secure them into drawers or cabinets. 

How to clean and maintain kitchen baskets?

Baskets typically require minimal maintenance and cleaning. Ensure that the baskets are wiped down regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. Always use a soft microfibre cloth and avoid contact with harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Additionally, keep wicker and wooden kitchen baskets away from prolonged exposure to moisture as it may cause them to weaken over time.

Is it possible to purchase replacement parts for kitchen baskets?

Yes, for some types of modular kitchen baskets replacement parts are available. To ensure that your baskets function efficiently it is necessary to buy replacement screws, brackets or other components if they wear out or rust. 

Can kitchen baskets be used in other areas of the home?

Kitchen baskets are versatile and are available in various designs, shapes and price ranges. Therefore, they can be used for various purposes in other areas of homes. For instance, they can be used in bathrooms to store toiletries, in closets to store garments or accessories or even in study rooms to store stationary and other supplies. 

How to choose the right size of kitchen baskets for cabinets, drawers and pantry shelves?

First measure the dimensions of the drawers, cabinets or pantry shelves where the basket is to be placed. Consider the length, width and depth of the space. Second, analyse the dimensions of the selected basket and ensure that they fit comfortably within the available space. Additionally, make sure that there is enough space for the placing and removal of the baskets without wasting the space or overcrowding.

Can kitchen baskets be painted or customised?

Yes, some baskets can be painted and customised to match your unique style and kitchen decor. In addition to painting, you can also stain or add decorative elements to the baskets. However, it is crucial to remember that making any modifications to the baskets might void the warranties.