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Cylinder Locks

Shrida Brass 60 mm Pin Cylinder Lock

MRP: 853 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 478 -44%
Discounted Price:
478 -44%

Shrida Brass 70 mm Pin Cylinder Lock

MRP: 938 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 536 -44%
Discounted Price:
536 -44%

Shrida Brass Mortise 60 mm Pin Cylinder Lock Set

MRP: 1,430 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 801 -44%
Discounted Price:
801 -44%

Shrida Brass Mortise 70 mm Pin Cylinder Lock Set

MRP: 1,726 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 976 -43%
Discounted Price:
976 -43%

TAITON Aluminium Lock & Handle Set with Euro Profile Cylinder (TAGHL-11-K2K)

MRP: 11,086 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 8,143 -27%
Discounted Price:
8,143 -27%

TAITON Aluminium Lock & Handle Set with Euro Profile Cylinder (TAGHL-11-K2N)

MRP: 11,187 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 8,217 -27%
Discounted Price:
8,217 -27%

TAITON Aluminium Lock & Handle Set with Euro Profile Cylinder (TAGHL-33-K2K)

MRP: 11,991 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 8,805 -27%
Discounted Price:
8,805 -27%

TAITON Aluminium Lock & Handle Set with Euro Profile Cylinder (TAGHL-33-K2N)

MRP: 12,243 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 8,990 -27%
Discounted Price:
8,990 -27%

TAITON Euro Profile Cylinder – One Side Key and One Side Knob

MRP: 1,118 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 835 -26%
Discounted Price:
835 -26%

TAITON Euro Profile Cylinder Bathroom Type with One Side Knob and One Side Coin

MRP: 828 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 612 -26%
Discounted Price:
612 -26%

TAITON Euro Profile Cylinder with Both Side Keys | Computer Keys

MRP: 929 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 686 -26%
Discounted Price:
686 -26%

TAITON Half Cylinder with 3 Keys

MRP: 817 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 614 -25%
Discounted Price:
614 -25%

TAITON Half Cylinder with Knob

MRP: 867 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 651 -25%
Discounted Price:
651 -25%

Hafele Euro Profile Double Cylinder

MRP: 1,633 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,057 -35%
Discounted Price:
1,057 -35%

Hafele Euro Profile | Thumbturn + Cointurn Cylinder | Without Keys

MRP: 2,050 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,317 -36%
Discounted Price:
1,317 -36%

Hafele Euro Profile Double Cylinder | With 3 Regular Keys | 71 mm

MRP: 1,753 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,133 -35%
Discounted Price:
1,133 -35%

Hafele Profile Cylinder for Bathroom with Round Thumbturn (63 mm)

MRP: 1,874 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,206 -36%
Discounted Price:
1,206 -36%

Hafele Profile Double Cylinder | with Standard Startec Profile and Thumbturn | 60 mm

MRP: 2,085 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,337 -36%
Discounted Price:
1,337 -36%

Hafele Standard Startec Profile | Double Cylinder with Thumbturn | 71 mm

MRP: 2,191 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,404 -36%
Discounted Price:
1,404 -36%

Buy Cylinder Locks Online at Wholesale Price

Cylinder locks are reliable and versatile types of locks that are used in various residential, commercial and industrial settings. The name of the lock corresponds to the design of the locking mechanism, which consists of a cylindrical component that holds the lock’s core components. Cylinder locks are available in a variety of designs and configurations that include double cylinder, thumb turn, key-in knob, etc. Apart from being easy to use, these locks also offer strong security features. From installing mortise locks for the front doors of your house to mounting euro profile locks for lockers, cylinder locks can have a wide range of applications.

Factors to consider while buying cylinder lock

Door type

There is a wide variety of cylinder lock types available in the market. Therefore, always ensure that the cylinder lock selected is compatible with the material and design of the door. For example, a single thumb-turn cylinder lock would be more suited for a UPVC bathroom door whereas mortise locks would be more compatible with wooden entry doors. 

Lock material

Cylinder locks are versatile, they can be manufactured from different materials and can come in various finishes. These locks are commonly made of sturdy metals like brass and steel, and lightweight metals like aluminium. Apart from being robust, stainless steel locks are highly resistant to corrosion and tampering making them a reliable choice. Moreover, locks that are installed on doors that require high security, like euro profile, mortise and double cylinder locks utilise durable materials like brass and steel for security and longevity. 

Size of the lock

For the correct installation and smooth functioning of the lock, it is essential that the size of the lock is compatible with the door thickness. Additionally, it is vital to make sure that the lock dimensions are proportional to the door width and height to create a balanced visual appeal. 


Locks from top reputed brands come with a warranty. This is an important consideration as it gives protection against premature lock failure. In addition, a warranty gives assurance regarding manufacturing quality. 


It is vital to consider your budget before selecting the lock. You can invest in high-quality locks that fit your budget and needs from the assortment of cylinder locks featured on our website. 

Security features and level

Always make it to point to analyse the security feature of the lock before buying. Some locks are available with anti-pick, anti-drill or anti-bump mechanisms that can be chosen based on the security level that needs to be achieved. Additionally, it can also be essential to analyse the security level according to the application and location of installation.

Types of cylinder locks

Based on the keying mechanism

  1. Both side key cylinders (double or full-sized cylinder lock): These types of locks allow key insertion to facilitate opening and closing of the door, on both sides of the doors. As they are convenient, they are used in both residential and commercial spaces for main entry doors. 
  2. One-side key cylinder/single cylinder/half cylinder: These cylinder lock types offer a conventional key-operated mechanism on only one side of the door. They are often used on options that require keyed access on one side like garage doors and storage room doors. 
  3. Thumb-turn cylinder lock (full and half): Full thumb-turn locks feature a thumb-turn mechanism on one side of the door and offer key-operated access on the other. These locks are commonly made of brass or steel and can be installed on interior doors and office doors. Half-thumb turn locks are keyless locks, that implement a simple thumb-turn mechanism on one side of the door, that engages the locks when rotated. They typically consist of both metal and plastic components and are commonly utilised in interior doors that require minimal security.
  4. Cylindrical door lock setup: Multiple cylinder locks can be rekeyed to be operated by the same key for convenience. This configuration is called keyed alike system. Furthermore, these locksets can be combined with deadlock or deadbolt for more security.

Based on the cylinder profile

  1. Euro cylinder Locks: These cylinder lock types have a narrow elongated bottom and a rounded top with a key-operated cylinder within and feature a pin tumbler mechanism. They are versatile and are available in multiple sizes and configurations. Therefore, euro cylinder locks have various applications and are compatible with various door types. 
  2. Oval cylinder Locks: As the name suggests, these locks possess an oval-shaped profile. The lock mechanism can be engaged and disengaged upon key insertion and rotation. They are less commonly used, as they can be compatible only with a few door types and are available in limited sizes. 

Based on the installation method

  1. Rim cylinder lock: These are surface-mounted locks that extend from the surface of the door. Additionally, they consist of a rotating cam mechanism within the cylinder lock body.
  2. Mortise cylinder lock: These locks are installed within the mortise cutout at the edge of the door. The mortise cylinder locks consist of a keyway that engages the pin tumbler locking mechanism. These sturdy locks offer high security and are popularly used in commercial spaces.
  3. Key in knob / Lever cylinder lock: In these cylinder lock types the lock components are integrated within the door knob or lever handle. The lock that is integrated into the handle or knob will allow the lock mechanism to engage and disengage when the key is rotated. These are versatile and compact and can have various applications. In spaces with several occupants, coin and knob locks are utilised whose locking mechanism consists of a knob on one side and a coin-operated mechanism (emergency opening) on the other.

Top cylinder locks brands in India

  1. Hafele: Hafele is a well-established brand that offers a range of security products, including high-quality euro profile cylinder lock types. Their locks are designed to provide reliable security for both residential and commercial applications.
  2. Godrej: With innovation and robustness, Godrej’s cylinder locks have superior strength, high-quality standards, and a non-duplicable key, to ensure your safety at all times. They can be used on main doors and interconnecting doors of residential/ commercial complexes.
  3. Indobrass: Indobrass introduces a range of high-security cylinder locks that prioritize both strength and functionality. These types of mortise cylinder locks exemplify their commitment to robust security solutions. 
  4. Shrida: Shrida presents a selection of cylinder locks designed for security and durability. Their offerings are crafted with precision, utilizing brass for construction. These locks from Shrida combine quality materials with thoughtful design to deliver reliable security solutions for residential and commercial spaces.
  5. TAITON: TAITON offers a range of high-quality cylinder locks designed to ensure the security of your spaces. These aluminium locks with Euro Profile Cylinder are a robust option, that not only provides security but also adds a sleek and modern touch to your doors.

Why buy from the online store?

Cylinder locks are versatile and reliable locks that are available in various designs and configurations to meet your door lock needs and preferences. At we bring you a wide assortment of cylinder locks at competitive prices. These sturdy locks are curated from the top, reputed brands of the industry that assure quality manufacturing. 

Additionally, we specialise in offering tailored solutions, OEM manufacturing and fulfilling export orders and bulk order supplies. You can shop for locks with various features and security levels, all from the comfort of your home. Our product selection and quality make us your one-stop shop supplier.

Cylinder Locks – Price List

Product Name  Price
1. Shrida Brass 60 mm Pin Cylinder Lock Rs. 662
2. TAITON Aluminium Lock & Handle Set with Euro Profile Cylinder (TAGHL-11-K2K) Rs.8143
3. TAITON Half Cylinder with Knob Rs. 651
4. Shrida Brass 70 mm Pin Cylinder Lock Rs. 536
5. Hafele Standard Startec Profile | Double Cylinder with Thumbturn | 71 mm Rs. 1404

This data was last updated on 13/07/2024


How to correctly install cylinder locks?

Once you ensure that the lock chosen is compatible with the door type, measure and mark the position of the lock. Afterwards, a hole should be drilled in the door to fit the lock cylinder/body. Finally, the lock will be mounted in place and the alignment will be checked. In addition, test the lock to make sure it is working. 

What are the steps involved in maintaining cylinder locks?

The following measures need to be taken to maintain locks efficiently:

  • The locks must be wiped regularly with a microfibre cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris.
  • Periodically lubricate the lock components with a suitable lubricant to ensure smooth operation.
  • Keep a check on the lock to see if there are any loose screws or damaged parts that require replacement. 

What are the advantages of installing a cylinder lock?

Cylinder locks offer varying levels of security and security features to meet your needs and preferences. They are versatile and are compatible with various door types. Additionally, they are also available in both keyed and keyless mechanisms. Another advantage of these locks is that they are easy to rekey.

What is the difference between single and double-cylinder locks?

The primary difference between single and double-cylinder locks is that single locks have a keyway only on the side of the lock. Whereas, double-cylinder locks have a keyhole on both sides of the lock, allowing you to lock the door on either side with the same key. Additionally, double cylinder offers more security and are mainly used in exterior doors. In contrast, a single cylinder is mainly used for interior doors. 

How can you upgrade the security of an existing cylinder lock?

To upgrade an existing cylinder lock consider installing a reinforced strike plate or longer screws, that can offer better protection against forced entry. Additionally, security devices like door chains, latches or secondary locks can be mounted on the door for further safety. 

Is it possible to rekey cylinder locks by yourself?

Rekeying is the process of changing the lock’s configuration to enable the lock to be used by a different set of keys without having to replace the entire lock. In cases when your key is misplaced or lost, it is advisable to seek professional help. This is because the process involves replacing the existing pins and springs which might require special tools and a specific skill set. 

Can cylinder locks be used on sliding doors?

Yes, these locks can be used on sliding doors, provided that the lock is compatible with door type, material and size. One of the most commonly used locks for sliding doors is euro profile cylinder locks. In addition, it is also important to note that the installation process for sliding doors is different than that of conventional hinged doors.