HYZIK Wire Bend Plain Basket

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Product Details

HYZIK Hardware is a leading name in the Indian market and specialises in kitchen and wardrobe accessories. With a decade of experience, the brand has earned a reputation as a manufacturer, importer, and supplier of high-quality accessories. Additionally, one of the cornerstones of HYZIK Hardware’s reputation is its commitment to impeccable quality. The company has set a new benchmark for the industry with its unwavering focus on delivering top-tier products. Each year, HYZIK Hardware expands its horizons and embarks on experiments in design and innovation to make homes more stylish and comfortable. The company’s core values revolve around innovation, commitment, and excellence, reflecting the dedication of its team in shaping the future of the kitchen and wardrobe accessories industry in India.

HYZIK Wire Bend Plain Basket redefines organisation, offering a sophisticated blend of form and function. For detailed information, check out the product specifications. 


Key Features

  • Comes in different size options allowing for customisation to fit various storage spaces or specific needs.
  • Provides ample airflow through the basket’s open wire design, ideal for storing fresh produce or items requiring ventilation.
  • Designed for versatile applications including kitchens, bathrooms, or storage areas, offering an efficient storage solution for different items.
  • Adds a modern touch to any space, blending well with various interior designs.
  • Built to withstand daily wear and tear, guaranteeing a longer lifespan.

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HYZIK Wire Bend Plain Basket

Material Stainless Steel
Finish SS
Type Kitchen Basket
  • 4 Inch
  • 6 Inch
  • 8 Inch
Product Dimensions 4x9x20, 4x12x20, 4x15x16, 4x15x20, 4x15x22, 4x15x24, 4x17x20, 4x17x22, 4x17x24, 4x19x20, 4x21x20, 4×24,20, 4x27x20, 4x32x20, 4x34x20, 6x9x20, 6x12x20, 6x15x16, 6x15x20, 6x15x22, 6x15x24, 6x17x20, 6x17x22, 6x17x24, 6x19x20, 6x21x20, 6×24,20, 6x27x20, 6x32x20, 6x34x20, 8x9x20, 8x12x20, 8x15x16, 8x15x20, 8x15x22, 8x15x24, 8x17x20, 8x17x22, 8x17x24, 8x19x20, 8x21x20, 8×24,20, 8x27x20, 8x32x20, 8x34x20
Weight 3.65 kg
Dimensions 864 × 508 × 200 mm





Basket Type

Wire Basket

Basket Height

4 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 Inch


12” x 20”, 15” x 16”, 15” x 20”, 15” x 22”, 15” x 24”, 17” x 20”, 17” x 22”, 17” x 24”, 19” x 20”, 21” x 20”, 24” x 20”, 27” x 20”, 32” x 20”, 34” x 20”, 9” x 20”


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Vendor Information

  • Vendor: HYZIK
  • Vendor Biography:

    For over ten years, HYZIK Hardware has been at the forefront of the kitchen and wardrobe accessories company, catering to customers across India with a commitment to innovation, unwavering quality, and a dedicated team of 70+ members. As manufacturers, importers, and suppliers, HYZIK Hardware has become synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, setting industry benchmarks for service quality.

    Founded on principles of innovation and technological prowess, HYZIK Hardware has seamlessly transformed from a large private business label to a distinguished business brand. The core strength lies in a corporate governance team boasting over 35 years of extensive business experience, propelling the brand to new heights.

    As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the success of HYZIK Hardware is deeply rooted in an unparalleled ability to research, innovate, and deploy cutting-edge solutions in kitchen, wardrobe, and hardware categories, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Indian market. With a primary focus on quality control, the brand has earned widespread acceptance among consumers and traders alike.

    In alignment with its corporate values, HYZIK Hardware aspires to be a socially responsible and environmentally friendly hardware company. Placing a significant emphasis on technology that minimizes environmental impact, the brand offers a wide array of accessories spanning the spectrum of kitchen hardware and wardrobe components. As HYZIK Hardware continues to push the boundaries of excellence, it remains dedicated to developing solutions that enhance home decoration and living.

    Range of products offered by HYZIK

    • Auto Hinges
    • Magic Corner
    • Telescopic Channel
    • Swing Corner
    • Quadro System
    • Kitchen Organizer
    • Tandem Box (Innotech)
    • Bottle Pull-Out Solutions
    • Kitchen Pull-Down Solutions
    • Drywall Screw
    • Kitchen Shutter (Solution)
    • Kitchen Accessories
    • Sliding Track
    • Kitchen Aluminium Profile
    • Magnetic Door Holder SS
    • SS Pipe Basket
    • SS Wire Basket
    • Chimney
    • SS Kitchen Sink
    • Cabinet Lift-Up System
    • Hardware
    • Wardrobe Accessories

    WhatsApp us or write to us at support@buildingandinteriors.com for any product-related queries.

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