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Architectural Hardware | Glass Fittings

Hafele Floor Spring | Double Cylinder

MRP: 9,993 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 6,071 -39%
Discounted Price:
6,071 -39%

Hafele Floor Spring | Single Cylinder | EN 2

MRP: 6,787 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 4,160 -39%
Discounted Price:
4,160 -39%

Hafele Patch Fitting | Bottom Patch

MRP: 2,034 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,263 -38%
Discounted Price:
1,263 -38%

Hafele Patch Fitting | Top Patch

MRP: 2,034 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,263 -38%
Discounted Price:
1,263 -38%

Hettich Sekura8 Nickel for Glass Shelf

MRP: 1,773 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,357 -23%
Discounted Price:
1,357 -23%

Hettich Wooden Safety Shelf Support

MRP: 415 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 317 -24%
Discounted Price:
317 -24%

Ozone 135° Magnetic Seal (OPS-M2 10 MM STD)

MRP: 1,352 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 955 -29%
Discounted Price:
955 -29%

Ozone 180° Magnetic Seal (OPS-M1 STD)

MRP: 1,271 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 898 -30%
Discounted Price:
898 -30%

Ozone 90° Magnetic Seal (OPS-M3 10 MM STD)

MRP: 1,352 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 955 -29%
Discounted Price:
955 -29%

Ozone Bottom Patch (OPF-3 STD-SSS)

MRP: 2,450 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,732 -29%
Discounted Price:
1,732 -29%

Ozone Cam Action Floor Spring (FS-8400 STD)

MRP: 12,319 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 8,605 -30%
Discounted Price:
8,605 -30%

Ozone Cam Action Floor Spring (FS-9000)

MRP: 13,056 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 9,115 -30%
Discounted Price:
9,115 -30%

Ozone Cam Action Power Adjustable Floor Spring (FS-11400)

MRP: 17,885 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 12,456 -30%
Discounted Price:
12,456 -30%

Ozone Central 180° Weather Seal (OPS-3)

MRP: 366 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 263 -29%
Discounted Price:
263 -29%

Ozone Central 180° Weather Seal (OPS-4 STD)

MRP: 366 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 263 -29%
Discounted Price:
263 -29%

Ozone Central Seal (OPS-2 STD)

MRP: 366 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 263 -28%
Discounted Price:
263 -28%

Ozone Centre Patch Lock (OPL-2A STD)

MRP: 4,996 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 3,493 -30%
Discounted Price:
3,493 -30%

Ozone Connector Track (OSSKH-ACC-25T-ED PSS)

MRP: 3,036 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 2,137 -30%
Discounted Price:
2,137 -30%

Ozone Corner Patch Lock with Strike Plate (OPL-1 STD)

MRP: 3,764 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 2,641 -30%
Discounted Price:
2,641 -30%

Ozone D Type Glass Door Handle (OGH-11)

MRP: 3,198 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 2,249 -30%
Discounted Price:
2,249 -30%

Ozone Double Cylinder Floor Spring (FS-10400)

MRP: 16,579 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 11,552 -30%
Discounted Price:
11,552 -30%

Ozone Double Cylinder Floor Spring (FS-9400)

MRP: 14,489 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 10,106 -30%
Discounted Price:
10,106 -30%

Ozone Flattended Towel Bar with Knob (OGH-TB-1S STD PSS)

MRP: 5,660 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 3,952 -30%
Discounted Price:
3,952 -30%

Ozone Flattened Towel Bar with Knob (OGH-TB STD SSS)

MRP: 3,472 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 2,439 -30%
Discounted Price:
2,439 -30%

Ozone Floor Guide (SL-ED-11-A4)

MRP: 2,537 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,774 -30%
Discounted Price:
1,774 -30%

Ozone Glass Connector for Wall/Floor Mounting (OGC-1 STD PSS)

MRP: 604 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 427 -29%
Discounted Price:
427 -29%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGH-551-ED)

MRP: 9,832 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 6,839 -30%
Discounted Price:
6,839 -30%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGH-552-ED)

MRP: 5,669 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 3,958 -30%
Discounted Price:
3,958 -30%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGH-554-ED)

MRP: 3,862 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 2,709 -30%
Discounted Price:
2,709 -30%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGH-55F)

MRP: 2,713 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 1,914 -30%
Discounted Price:
1,914 -30%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGH-661)

MRP: 17,835 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 12,397 -30%
Discounted Price:
12,397 -30%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGH-662)

MRP: 13,554 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 9,423 -30%
Discounted Price:
9,423 -30%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGH-663)

MRP: 10,242 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 7,122 -30%
Discounted Price:
7,122 -30%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGH-88 32x480MM)

MRP: 6,616 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 4,614 -30%
Discounted Price:
4,614 -30%

Ozone Glass Door Handle (OGHL-55-35x1500MM)

MRP: 20,942 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 14,534 -31%
Discounted Price:
14,534 -31%

Ozone Glass Door Handle Hole to Hole Adjustable (OGH-664)

MRP: 14,787 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 10,276 -31%
Discounted Price:
10,276 -31%

Ozone Glass Door Knob (ODK-1 STD PSS)

MRP: 1,063 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 754 -29%
Discounted Price:
754 -29%

Ozone Glass Door Knob (ODK-2-STD)  

MRP: 1,063 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 754 -29%
Discounted Price:
754 -29%

Ozone Glass Door Lock (OSSPL-ML-111N STD)

MRP: 17,217 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 11,947 -31%
Discounted Price:
11,947 -31%

Ozone Glass Door Lock with Strike Box (OPL-4A/4B-N STD)

MRP: 3,476 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 2,442 -30%
Discounted Price:
2,442 -30%

Buy Architectural Hardware | Glass Fittings Online at Wholesale Price

Glass hardware fittings are indispensable components in modern architecture, balancing aesthetics and durability. Their significance is evident as glass walls and elements have become increasingly prevalent in various settings, from hotels to homes. These fittings seamlessly integrate into architectural designs, presenting a diverse array of styles and patterns. Connectors, hinges, and spider fittings reinforce the strength and elegance of glass accessories, enabling unobstructed views and a heightened sense of depth and excitement.

When choosing glass hardware, you must consider factors such as purpose, load-bearing capacity, and compatibility with the glass type. Trusted brands offer innovative and reliable options. Glass hardware fittings elevate the visual appeal and functionality of architectural designs.

What are glass fittings?

Glass fittings refer to a variety of hardware components specifically designed for use with glass doors, partitions, cabinets, and other glass-based applications. Engineers design these fittings to provide structural support, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to glass installations. Glass hardware commonly includes hinges, handles, locks, brackets, connectors, and other accessories that facilitate the proper installation and operation of glass doors, partitions, windows, or other glass structures. They are crafted to securely hold the glass in place while offering smooth movement, reliable functionality, and visually pleasing design.

Types of architectural hardware / glass fittings

Canopy Fittings

Users employ canopy fittings to construct stunning overhead structures like entrance canopies or covered walkways. These fittings provide stability and support to glass panels, ensuring their secure installation and long-term durability.

Floor Spring

Floor springs are essential for glass doors that require controlled closing and opening. They are installed beneath the floor, enabling smooth movement and ensuring a reliable closing mechanism.

Glass Brackets

Glass brackets fix glass panels to walls or other structures. They offer stability and support while maintaining a minimalist and sleek appearance.

Glass Connector

Glass connectors are utilized to join glass panels together, enabling the creation of expansive glass surfaces without the necessity of vertical framing. Additionally, they offer a seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Glass Door Handles

Glass door handles are designed to provide a comfortable grip while opening or closing glass doors. They come in various styles, finishes, and designs to match the overall aesthetics of the space.

Glass Door Hinges

Glass door hinges enable the smooth rotation and movement of glass doors. They are available in different configurations, such as pivot hinges or continuous hinges, to accommodate various door types and sizes.

Glass Door Locks

Glass door locks, on the other hand, provide security and privacy for glass doors. Moreover, they are available in various locking mechanisms such as key locks, magnetic locks, or electronic locks, catering to different applications.

Glass Door Rails

Glass door rails, in addition to providing a structural framework for sliding glass doors, ensure smooth movement and support the weight of the glass panels. This creates a functional and visually appealing sliding system.

Glass Door Seal

Glass door seals prevent water leakage, drafts, and noise infiltration around glass doors. They are essential for shower enclosures or areas where weatherproofing is required.

Glass Sliding Fittings and Systems

Glass sliding fittings allow the installation of sliding glass doors or partitions. They provide stability, ease of operation, and a sleek appearance, making them popular in both residential and commercial settings. On the other hand, glass sliding systems consist of tracks, rollers, and guides that enable smooth sliding motion for glass doors. They are available in various designs and configurations to suit different door sizes and weights.

Spider Fittings

Spider fittings are innovative hardware components that create a stunning visual effect by securing glass panels with minimal metal support. They are commonly used in glass curtain walls and facades.

Patch Fittings

Patch fittings are used to attach glass panels to frames or walls. They offer a clean and seamless appearance, enhancing the transparency of glass structures.

Shower Cubicle Fittings

Shower cubicle fittings include hinges, handles, seals, and brackets designed specifically for glass shower enclosures. These fittings provide functionality, water tightness, and aesthetic appeal.

Distinguishing features that make glass fittings stand out as the superior choice

Glass hardware fittings offer several distinguishing features that make them the superior choice for modern architectural designs:

1. Aesthetic appeal: Architectural hardware/glass fittings provide a contemporary and elegant look, allowing natural light to flow through spaces while maintaining transparency and openness.

2. Versatility: Glass hardware can accommodate various types of glass, including tempered or laminated glass, and are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. They are suitable for a wide range of architectural styles, from residential to commercial and institutional buildings.

3. Strength and durability: Architectural hardware engineers have heavy load resistance, ensuring the stability and safety of glass installations. They manufacture them using high-quality materials that resist corrosion, rust, and other environmental factors.

4. Easy installation and adjustment: Architectural hardware is designed for convenient installation and adjustment. They offer flexibility in terms of repositioning or replacing glass panels, allowing for modifications or upgrades as needed.

5. Functional efficiency: Architectural hardware provides smooth operation and functionality, whether it’s sliding doors, pivot doors, or canopies. They ensure ease of use and contribute to the overall user experience.

Factors to consider while selecting glass fittings

When selecting glass fittings for a project, several factors should be taken into consideration:

Application and functionality

Identify the specific application and functionality requirements of the glass hardware. Consider factors such as load-bearing capacity, weather resistance, security needs, and ease of operation. For example, select heavy-duty glass door hinges and pivot systems for large glass doors in commercial spaces that need to support significant weight. Choose weatherproof glass seals and gaskets for exterior glass installations to protect against water infiltration and temperature changes. Opt for specialized glass door locks and access control systems with keyless entry for high-security areas like offices or sensitive facilities.

Glass type and thickness

Ensure that the selected fittings are compatible with the type and thickness of the glass being used. Different fittings are designed to accommodate specific glass specifications. For example, use appropriate hinges and clips designed for frameless shower doors with 3/8″ or 1/2″ tempered glass. Select fittings compatible with the thickness of double-glazed glass panels used for sound insulation and energy efficiency. Opt for fittings suitable for thicker laminated safety glass used in areas where security and shatter resistance are critical, such as storefronts.

Design and aesthetics

Choose fittings that complement the overall architectural design and style. Consider factors such as finishes, profiles, and hardware details to achieve the desired visual appeal. Choose minimalist and sleek glass door handles with a brushed stainless steel finish to complement a modern office design. Use ornate and decorative glass door knobs with vintage brass or bronze finishes to enhance the elegance of traditional interiors. Select glass spider fittings and point-fixed hardware with clean lines for an impressive and contemporary look on building exteriors.

Quality and durability

Opt for high-quality fittings from reputable brands that offer durability, reliability, and long-term performance. Quality fittings ensure the safety and longevity of glass installations. For example, opt for reputable brands providing heavy-duty floor springs and overhead closers for main entrances with high foot traffic. Ensure high-quality glass clamps and standoff fittings that provide stability and durability for balcony or staircase railings. Choose corrosion-resistant stainless steel fittings that can withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure long-lasting support.

Budget considerations

Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the fittings without compromising on quality. Consider the overall project budget, including installation, maintenance, and potential future adjustments. Evaluate cost-effective glass door hinges and sliding track systems that are reliable for frequent use but don’t exceed the retail store’s budget. Consider mid-range fittings for interior glass partitions in residential projects to strike a balance between cost and quality. Opt for retrofitting kits or replacement parts for existing glass hardware to reduce installation costs and extend the life of the current installations.

Top architectural hardware brands in India

  1. Godrej: Renowned for its diverse range of products, Godrej offers innovative glass fittings that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics, catering to residential and commercial spaces.
  2. Hafele: Known for its high-quality architectural hardware, Hafele provides a wide array of glass fittings, including hinges, handles, sliding systems, and more, emphasizing modern designs and functionality.
  3. TAITON: Recognized for its specialized expertise in architectural fittings, TAITON offers precision-engineered glass fittings designed for durability and sleek appearances, catering to contemporary architectural needs.
  4. Sandhu: Sandhu offers a wide range of products in the architectural fittings category, including fittings for shower enclosures and office systems. The brand has an extensive collection of fittings including hinges, locks, connectors, handles, and rollers with varied specifications and designs.

Why buy from the online store?

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Biwholesale is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services. Start browsing our collection now and find the perfect glass accessories to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your glass installations!

Architectural Hardware | Glass Fittings – Price List

Product Name Price
1. Sandhu Double Door Lock Without Cutout (SMLK-3) Rs. 900
2. TAITON 180° Connector for TRF-UTB-42 Rs. 839
3. TAITON Double Action 3-Way ‘T’ Hinge Rs. 5389
4. Sandhu Automatic Sliding Sensor Door Rs. 81325

This data was last updated on 13/07/2024


Does glass hardware have applications for both interior and exterior use?

Glass hardware can indeed be used for both interior and exterior applications. Whether it’s glass walls, doors, windows, or other glass elements, fittings are available to support and secure them in various architectural settings.

What are the weight limitations for glass hardware?

The weight limitations for glass hardware can vary depending on factors such as the type of fitting, its design, and the specific application. It is crucial to consult the manufacturer or supplier for accurate weight limitations to ensure the fittings can adequately support the intended glass panels.

Is glass hardware compatible with different types of glass, such as tempered or laminated glass?

Glass hardware is generally compatible with different types of glass, including tempered or laminated glass. These fittings are designed to securely hold and complement various glass compositions, allowing for versatile and customizable installations.

Do glass fittings have utility in shower enclosures or bathroom partitions?

Yes, glass fittings can be used for shower enclosures and bathroom partitions. They offer a sleek and contemporary solution for creating stylish and functional spaces, providing structural support for the glass panels used in these applications.

Are glass fittings resistant to corrosion or rust?

Glass fittings are typically manufactured using materials like stainless steel or corrosion-resistant alloys, making them resistant to corrosion or rust. This ensures their durability and longevity, even in environments with high humidity or exposure to water.

Can glass fittings be adjusted or repositioned after installation?

After proper installation, glass fittings generally do not allow for easy adjustment or repositioning without professional assistance. Ensuring stability and safety requires precise installation, and trained personnel should be responsible for any necessary adjustments.

Can glass fittings be used for curved or custom-shaped glass installations?

Depending on their flexibility or adjustability, glass fittings enable the use of curved or custom-shaped glass installations. They offer specialized solutions to accommodate unique shapes and contours, allowing for the creation of visually stunning and architecturally distinct glass structures.

Glass fittings have revolutionized the world of architectural hardware, offering a perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Their versatility and seamless integration make them the superior choice for a wide range of applications, both interior and exterior. By considering factors such as load capacity, compatibility, functionality, and aesthetics, architects and designers can select the most suitable glass fittings to enhance their projects. Whether it’s a sleek glass facade, an elegant shower enclosure, or a modern glass partition, glass fittings add a touch of sophistication and brilliance to architectural spaces, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.