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Hafele Twin Pro – Bottom Locking Profile

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A railing system is a vital element inside the realm of structure and construction, appearing as a critical issue that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic enchantment. Beyond its primary characteristic of ensuring safety and help, a nicely designed railing system contributes appreciably to the overall visual harmony and architectural integrity of a structure. Whether it’s an aluminium railing system, a glass railing system, a steel cable railing, or a kitchen railing system, these choices provide both safety and style, enhancing the overall appeal of the structure.

Types of railing system

Railing systems can be categorised based on the materials used and their design aesthetics.

On the basis of material

  • Wooden railing: Wooden railing is just like the classics of the railing global. It conveys a cosy and timeless vibe. You can pick out distinct types of wood like oak, mahogany, or cedar, and you could even paint or stain them to suit the colours around.
  • Metal railing: Metal railings are sturdy and are available in diverse sorts, like iron, metallic, and aluminium railing system. Iron railings often have those cool tricky designs, adding a touch of sophistication. Aluminium railing system is superb outdoors because it is lightweight and does not without difficulty corrode. Stainless metal railings are the present-day champs, combining power with a swish look.
  • Glass railing: Glass railings are the contemporary display stoppers. They give an area a fancy and open experience. The glass used is toughened or laminated for safety. They’re best for places wherein you need to revel in the view with no obstructions, like balconies or stairs.
  • Stainless metallic railing: Stainless metal railings are very low-maintenance. They’re super strong and won’t corrode effortlessly. Their cutting-edge appearance makes them a favorite for all varieties of locations. You regularly see them paired up with glass or wood to create a cool, current appearance. And they’re a top desire for out-of-door spaces due to the fact they can take a beating from the elements.

On the basis of design

  • Traditional railing: Traditional railings are the classics of the railing world, featuring a timeless look that never goes out of style. Just like the elegant designs seen in older houses, they bring a hint of history and sophistication to any place. Whether it’s a spigot glass railing system or a kitchen railing system, the traditional charm adds a touch of grace to different spaces.
  • Modern/Contemporary railing: Modern or modern-day railings are the cool children at the block. They’re all about smooth lines and a fresh, up-to-date vibe. If you’re into that minimalist, clean look, these railings are the way to go. They’re like the style-ahead option in your space.
  • Cable railing: Cable railings create an open, ethereal feeling by using cables instead of solid bars, allowing light and space to flow through. Popular in modern designs and areas where an unobstructed view is desired, they offer a sleek look. Whether it’s a spigot glass railing system, aluminium railing system, kitchen railing system, or steel cable railing system, the use of cables adds a contemporary touch to different spaces.
  • Wrought iron railing: Wrought iron railings are like the artists of the railing world. They often have these tricky designs that display a few severe craftsmanship. They convey a chunk of old-global charm and a hint of drama. They’re those that make an assertion.
  • Industrial railing: Industrial railings have a raw and utilitarian look that exudes strength, commonly found in places with an extra rugged vibe, like lofts or industrial-style areas. More than just for looks, they mean business. Whether it’s an aluminium railing system, a glass railing system, or a steel cable railing system, these rugged designs signify a no-nonsense approach to both style and functionality.

Advantages of using a railing system

  • Safety first: A railing system ensures protection by imparting a strong barrier, stopping accidental falls or slips. It acts as a dependable assist, specifically on extended surfaces like stairs or balconies, imparting peace of thought to citizens and visitors alike.
  • Style & vibes: Railing systems give a hint of beauty to areas, improving the general aesthetic enchantment. With diverse designs and materials to be had, they permit personalization, permitting you to create surroundings that align with your style and contribute to the general vibe of the place.
  • Durability & low maintenance: Railing systems are built to the ultimate, imparting durability that withstands the test of time and environmental conditions. Their low-protection nature method much less effort and time spent on renovation, allowing you to experience the benefits without the hassle of common repairs or replacements.
  • Versatility: Railings are super versatile. They’re not just for stairs – you can use them on balconies, decks, porches, you name it. They adapt to different styles and spaces, making them the flexible team players of the design world.

Top railing system brands in India


Hafele stands as an internationally acclaimed brand with a substantial presence in India. Specializing in architectural hardware, furniture fittings, and railing systems, Hafele is recognized for its innovative and high-quality products. Their diverse range of railing systems, including glass and stainless steel options, combines modern design with functionality. Hafele enjoys a positive reputation for its commitment to quality, design, and customer satisfaction.


A renowned Indian enterprise, Godrej, has a robust foothold in various industries, inclusive of safety answers, home equipment, and construction materials. The brand, synonymous with belief and reliability, offers railing systems that meet protection requirements while incorporating modern-day layout factors. Godrej’s products emphasize both safety and aesthetics, and the emblem is favored for its long-status presence and focus on nice.


TAITON has won a reputation for its railing and balustrade structures within the Indian market. Focused on presenting modern and customizable answers for residential and business initiatives, TAITON gives loads of railing systems, together with chrome steel, glass, and aluminum alternatives. The logo is known for its dedication to design flexibility and interest in detail, turning in tailored railing solutions that enhance the overall aesthetic of areas.

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Railing System – Price List

Product Name  Price
1. TAITON 180° Connector for TRF-UTB-42 Rs. 1011
2. TAITON Wall to Handrail Connector for TRF-UTB-42 Rs. 587
3. Hafele Twin Pro – Bottom Locking Profile Rs. 6292
4. Godrej Aluminum Glass Railing 30ft (5299) Rs. 96765
5. TAITON Wall to Handrail Connector for TRF-UTB-RCT-60-40 Rs. 1883
6. TAITON End Cap for TRF-UTB-RCT-60-40 Rs. 454
7. Godrej SS 316 Railing with 3 Wire (6886) Rs. 13307
8. TAITON Floor to Glass Clamp (TCL-04) Rs. 2611
9. Godrej Handrail SS 304 2 Glass Holder (9382) Rs. 4239
10. TAITON Wall Connector for TRF-RCT-WC-AL-50-50 Rs. 1749

This data was last updated on 01/03/2024


What materials are commonly used for railing systems?

Railing systems are usually made from substances which include timber, steel (together with aluminum and metal), glass, and chrome steel. Each cloth gives specific characteristics in phrases of aesthetics, durability, and protection necessities, allowing you to pick out based on your project’s precise needs and design possibilities.

How do I choose the right railing system for my project?

To pick the right railing system, do not forget elements such as the mission’s style, favored preservation stage, and environmental factors. Stainless metal can be ideal for outside resilience, whilst glass affords a present-day appearance. Evaluating those priorities will manual you in the direction of the most appropriate material for your challenge.

What maintenance is required for different railing materials?

Maintenance requirements vary for exclusive substances. Wood may need regular staining or sealing, while stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and requires minimal maintenance. Glass may require occasional cleaning to maintain its transparency. Understanding these maintenance needs helps you plan for the long-term care of your railing system, whether it’s a glass railing system, a steel cable railing system, or a kitchen railing system.

Are there standard sizes for railing components, or can they be customized?

While railing additives frequently are available in trendy sizes, many systems provide customisation alternatives to in-shape particular mission requirements. Customisation lets you tailor the railing to the dimensions and layout choices of your area.

What is the difference between a guardrail and a handrail?

Guardrails are established to save you from falls at expanded places like balconies or stairs, specializing in safety. Handrails, on the other hand, provide a guide for balance and stability. Both serve protection functions, however their locations and functions fluctuate.

Can I retrofit an existing railing system to meet current safety standards?

Retrofitting a present railing device to satisfy current safety standards is possible however depends on the device’s layout and structural integrity. Consulting with an expert can help assess feasibility and identify necessary compliance changes.

How do I choose the right colour for my railing system?

In selecting the colour for your railing system, prioritise design harmony by considering factors like the existing color scheme, architectural style, and personal preferences. Manufacturers offer various finishes and shades to seamlessly integrate with your design vision, whether it’s for a steel cable railing system or a kitchen railing system.