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Tall Units/ Pantry Units

Hettich Duo 6 Tier 450 Basket and Frame Set

MRP: 15,960 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 11,409 -29%
Discounted Price:
11,409 -29%

Hettich Duo 6 Tier 600 Basket and Frame Set

MRP: 18,184 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 13,046 -28%
Discounted Price:
13,046 -28%

Hafele Larder Unit Internal Pull Out | With Door Shelf and Hanging Baskets

MRP: 75,848 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 55,306 -27%
Discounted Price:
55,306 -27%

Hafele Pantry Unit | 450 mm | Anthracite

MRP: 72,740 (Incl. Tax) (Incl. of all taxes)
Discounted Price: 53,025 -27%
Discounted Price:
53,025 -27%

Buy Tall Units/ Pantry Units Online at Wholesale Price

Tall units/Pantry units for the kitchen are versatile storage solutions, frequently found in kitchens, designed to efficiently house a range of items. From dry goods to kitchen gadgets, these cabinets or closets offer adjustable shelves, pull-out drawers, and specialised compartments, ensuring organised storage and easy access. More than just storage, tall units/pantry units optimise meal preparation by keeping essentials readily available. Found in various sizes and configurations, kitchen tall units blend functionality with style, making them essential for clutter-free spaces.

Types of pantry units

Shutter pantry units

Shutter pantry units for the kitchen feature doors that swing open like traditional cabinets. These doors can be single or double and are often equipped with shelves, making them a visually appealing choice for kitchens. They provide a classic aesthetic while concealing the contents for a neat appearance.

Pull-out pantry units

Pull-out pantry unit maximises accessibility. With shelves or baskets mounted on runners, they smoothly slide out, offering a clear view of stored items. This design eliminates the need to rummage through items at the back, ensuring efficient organisation and easy access.

Swing pantry units

Swing pantry units have hinged doors that open outward. This design allows for wide access to the entire cabinet, making it easy to see and reach items. They are often designed to accommodate taller items and can be an elegant addition to both kitchen and dining spaces.

Slide-out pantry units

Similar to pull-out units, slide-out pantry units feature shelves that extend outward. However, slide-out units might have wire baskets or racks that enhance visibility and ventilation. This design is particularly useful for storing fruits, vegetables, or other items that require airflow.

Corner pantry units

Corner pantry units make efficient use of corner spaces that are often challenging to access. They are typically designed to rotate or slide out, providing a smart solution for utilising otherwise wasted space.

Walk-in pantry

A walk-in pantry is a larger space designed for storing various items, ranging from dry goods to appliances. It offers ample storage and may have a combination of shelves, drawers, and countertops for organizing and preparing meals. Walk-in pantries are highly functional and popular in larger kitchens.

Tall pantry unit

Kitchen tall units are vertical storage solutions that make the most of the height in a room. These tall units can be customized with shelves, drawers, and other organizational elements. They are ideal for storing items of various sizes and optimising space utilisation.

Things to consider before purchasing pantry units

Before buying tall units/pantry units, it’s essential to consider specific factors for a well-informed decision. Some of them include:


The size of your pantry unit is paramount. It should fit seamlessly into your kitchen layout without overwhelming the space. Consider both the width and height of the unit. For instance, if you have limited horizontal space, a tall and narrow pantry could be a smart choice. On the other hand, if you have a spacious kitchen, a larger pantry with multiple compartments might suit your needs. For instance, a compact apartment kitchen might benefit from a slim pull-out pantry that fits into a small corner. A walk-in pantry in a larger kitchen could accommodate a combination of open shelving and deep cabinets for optimal storage.


The material of the kitchen tall units affects their durability and aesthetic appeal. Common materials include wood, metal, and laminate. Each material has its unique characteristics, so consider factors such as maintenance, ease of cleaning, and compatibility with your kitchen’s overall design. For instance, a sleek, modern kitchen might feature a stainless steel pantry unit that complements the contemporary style. For a rustic or farmhouse-style kitchen, a wooden pantry unit with a distressed finish could add charm.


The colour of your pantry unit should harmonise with your kitchen’s colour scheme. Opt for a colour that complements or contrasts tastefully with your existing decor. Neutral colours often work well, as they blend easily with various design styles. For example, a white pantry unit can seamlessly integrate with any kitchen design and create a sense of openness. A bold black pantry unit could serve as a striking focal point in a kitchen with a neutral palette.


Adjustable shelves provide flexibility in organising items of various sizes. Consider the number of shelves and their adjustability to accommodate items like tall bottles, bulky appliances, and smaller pantry staples. In fact, an adjustable shelving system in a pantry unit can be configured to store oversized cereal boxes as well as small spice jars. Besides, deep, pull-out shelves can make use of every inch of space, allowing you to easily access items stored at the back.


Cost is a crucial consideration when investing in pantry units. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to set a budget that reflects your requirements. Pantry units are available across a broad price spectrum, so having a clear budget in mind will help you narrow down your choices and explore options that best match both your financial constraints and organisational needs.


There is a wide array of pantry units, such as walk-in pantries, pull-out pantry cabinets, and built-in pantry closets. Choose a type that best fits your available space and how you use your pantry. For instance, a pull-out pantry cabinet is ideal for smaller kitchens with limited space. Conversely, a walk-in pantry is a fantastic option for those who prefer a dedicated, spacious storage area for their pantry items.

Top pantry/tall unit brands in India


Hafele excels in crafting pantry units that seamlessly combine modern design with intelligent storage solutions. Their units feature innovative mechanisms like pull-out shelves and adjustable racks, enhancing accessibility and aesthetics.


Ozone’s pantry units showcase sleek finishes and modular designs, ensuring efficient storage that complements contemporary interiors. Their focus on functionality and aesthetics yields customisable, hassle-free solutions.


Godrej’s precision engineering is reflected in their pantry units for the kitchen, offering soft-close systems, pull-out trays, and corner solutions. Their designs seamlessly integrate into kitchens, contributing to organized and user-friendly spaces.

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Tall Units/ Pantry Units – Price List

Product Name  Price
1. Hafele Larder Unit | 400 mm | Chrome Rs. 49510

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What is the purpose of a tall unit in a kitchen?

A tall unit in a kitchen serves as a versatile storage solution for items that require vertical space, such as pantry goods, appliances, and utensils. It maximises storage capacity while optimising floor space, contributing to an organised and efficient kitchen layout.

Which tall unit is best in the kitchen?

The best tall unit for a kitchen depends on individual needs and available space. Pull-out and swing tall units are popular for efficient accessibility. However, selecting the ideal unit involves considering factors like storage requirements, design preferences, and the overall kitchen layout.

How do I determine the right pantry unit for my kitchen layout and needs?

To choose the right pantry unit, assess your kitchen’s available space, storage requirements, and organisational preferences. Consider factors like the type of items you’ll store, frequency of use, and the aesthetics that align with your kitchen’s design. Customisable options and adjustable shelving can cater to changing needs.

How can I maintain and clean my pantry units for kitchen long-lasting use?

You can seamlessly maintain pantry units by periodically decluttering, wiping down surfaces, and checking for expired items. Use appropriate cleaning agents based on the material. Regularly inspect hinges, tracks, and mechanisms for smooth operation. Following manufacturer guidelines and avoiding excessive moisture will extend their lifespan.

Can I retrofit existing cabinets with pantry units, or do I need to buy new cabinets?

Yes, you can retrofit existing cabinets with pantry units. Many pantry unit types, like pull-out or slide-out units, can be installed into existing cabinet spaces. This offers a cost-effective solution to upgrade your storage without the need for entirely new cabinets, enhancing functionality while preserving your kitchen’s layout.