Hafele Mortise Sash Lock | Backset 55 mm | c/c 72 mm | Forend 24 mm

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Hafele India, a complete subsidiary of the Häfele Global network, has been active in the Indian market since 2003. Through its deep comprehension of the diverse Indian market, the company has established itself as an expert in architectural hardware, furniture, kitchen fittings, and accessories. Additionally, Häfele India has a strong foothold in related product categories such as Home Appliances, Furniture Lighting, Sanitary, and Surfaces, catering to the specific demands of these industries. The subsidiary operates advanced logistics facilities in Mumbai, along with distribution centers in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Colombo. Häfele has been certified as per ISO since 1995.

For those seeking reliable and durable mortise locks for an upgrade, the Hafele Mortise Sash Lock | Backset 55 mm | c/c 72 mm | Forend 24 mm | (911.02.164) offers both aesthetic appeal and practicality. For more details, check the product specifications.


Key Features

  • Made from industry-grade stainless steel.
  • Designed to withstand rough handling, displaying durability.
  • Thin size provides a sleek finish while maintaining strength.
  • Square shape fits the corners perfectly.
  • Available in a matte finish.
  • Supplied with necessary fixing accessories.
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Hafele Mortise Sash Lock | Backset 55 mm | c/c 72 mm | Forend 24 mm | (911.02.164)

Article Number 911.02.164
Brand Hafele
Material SS 304
Colour/Finish Stainless Steel Colour, SS Matt
Type Mortise Sash Lock
Lock Type PC
Distance 55 mm
Forend Design Flat Forend Edged
Forend Width 24 mm
Door Construction Rebated/Unrebated
Lever Follower 8 mm
Locking System Standard Locking
Mounting DIN Left/Right
Latchbolt Version Standard Latch
Area of Application Residential Areas
For Door Type Hinged Doors
For Number of Doors 1-Leaf Doors
Version Rising Hook Latch
Prepared For Profile Cylinder
Lock Case Version Closed
Deadbolt Version Standard Deadbolt
Type of Latchbolt Locking Latch Locking
Comes With Fixing Accessories

For installation and other services, contact on:

Hafele Customer Care Number: 1800 266 666

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 250 × 105 × 25 mm


SS 304


SS Matt

Lock Type

Mortise Lock


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Vendor Information

  • Vendor: Hafele
  • Vendor Biography:

    Hafele, a pioneering name in the world of furniture fittings, architectural hardware, and door hardware products, stands as a testament to innovation, reliability, and a rich history spanning over 90 years. Explore Hafele India for a curated selection of kitchen accessories, architectural fittings, and more. Founded in Nagold, the heart of Württemberg’s furniture production center, the company’s roots trace back to Adolf Häfele’s vision in the early 1930s.

    From its humble beginnings specializing in joinery and carpentry supplies, Häfele quickly distinguished itself through personal contact, industry expertise, and a commitment to fast product delivery. The company’s journey took a significant leap in 1933 when it participated in its first foreign trade fair, earning a “Gold Medal” for its innovative exhibition stand. This marked the beginning of Häfele’s international presence, a legacy that continues to thrive today.

    The 1970s saw the introduction of “The Complete Hafele” a comprehensive reference tool that showcased the company’s vast array of products and contributed to its global success. The 1980s marked a period of strategic expansion, with Hafele venturing into the United States and other regions, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

    Today, Hafele stands as a global leader with over 6,000 employees and 37 subsidiaries worldwide. The company’s commitment to functionality, innovation, and international collaboration is evident through its 360° Project Service, Hafele Functionality, and Hafele Engineering initiatives. The brand continues to shape spaces and set standards for excellence, embodying the principles instilled by its founder and maintaining its legacy of success.

    Hafele India - Comprehensive range of hardware products

    Furniture Fittings and Kitchen Hardware

    • Furniture Handles & Knobs
    • Door Handles
    • Kitchen Sinks
    • Wardrobe & Storage Fittings
    • Wardrobe & Coat Hooks
    • Bed Fittings
    • Table Fittings
    • Drawer Systems
    • Drawer Runners
    • Drawer Inserts
    • Furniture Hinges
    • Hafele Kitchen Accessories
    • Flap Fittings & Stays
    • Door Accessories, Buffers & Stops
    • Connectors & Shelf Supports
    • Furniture Locks & Locking Systems
    • Furniture Catches & Bolts

    Architectural Hardware and Door Fittings

    • Access Control
    • Locks & Latches
    • Panic Exit Hardware
    • Door Hinges
    • Door Closers & Controls
    • Door Accessories
    • Glass Doors & Glass Door Fittings
    • Window Fittings

    Sliding, Folding, and Tambour Door Fittings

    • Sliding & Folding Door Fittings for Furniture
    • Sliding and Folding door fittings for Architectural Applications
    • Moveable Wall Systems

    Tools & Accessories

    • Screws
    • Fixing Materials
    • Drill Bits, Bits & Cutting Tools
    • Hand Tools & Jigs

    WhatsApp us or write to us at support@buildingandinteriors.com for any product-related queries.

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